Mobile ad-tech company Fiksu cuts staff to focus on new product


Fiksu, a Boston-based digital advertising company, has laid off staff for the second time this year as it focuses on a newly launched product.

In an e-mail to BetaBoston, chief executive Micah Adler confirmed Fiksu laid off about 25 people in the United States and closed “a few small international offices.”

“Today we made some changes to reshape the makeup of Fiksu and reduced the size of our team, which is never an easy decision to make,” Adler wrote. He declined to specify the company’s current employee numbers, noting that Fiksu also is hiring for sales, product, and engineering jobs.

It’s the second time in the past six months that Fiksu has reduced staff. In March, the company announced a reduction of about 10 percent of its roughly 300-person staff. Chief financial officer Ken Goldman also departed in March, with Adler saying that a shift in the public stock markets’ attitude toward advertising tech companies made Goldman’s goal of taking Fiksu public unrealistic.

The turmoil reflects the quickly changing nature of the digital advertising world, where smaller companies like Fiksu are competing against larger tech companies for business with the world’s biggest advertisers. Fiksu has worked for household names such as Coca-Cola, Disney, and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Adler said the staff reduction was related to Fiksu’s recent introduction of a new product, called Mobile Audience Platform, that combines consumer data from disparate sources to help advertisers send marketing messages to people using mobile devices.

“We’re confident this refocused strategy will put Fiksu on the right path forward, streamlining operations and delivering value to the major brands that partner with us every day for their mobile marketing, and helping the company become profitable,” Adler said.