Six LearnLaunch Accelerator teams demoed their ideas last night

Massachusetts Secretary of Education Jim Peyser speaks at the 2015 LearnLaunch Accelerator Demo Day.
Massachusetts Secretary of Education Jim Peyser speaks at the 2015 LearnLaunch Accelerator Demo Day.

More than 200 potential angel investors gathered at District Hall on Wednesday evening to watch the third cohort of graduates of the LearnLaunch Accelerator, a Boston-based education technology institute, pitch the companies and ideas they’ve been working on for the last four months. The teams’ ideas ranged from a platform for post-graduate education for doctors to smart toys designed by kids.

Massachusetts Secretary of Education Jim Peyser was on hand to headline the event, and despite admitting that he wasn’t the most technologically savvy guy — “My name is Jim Peyser, and I am a Luddite” — he spoke with urgency about the lack of resources in education and how technology could fill that gap. “There is a tremendous opportunity and need for us to transform the education of our state,” he said. “I remain a Luddite in that I don’t believe in tech for tech’s sake. But we do have an urgent need for solutions.”

And, finally, the stars of the show pitched their ideas. Here they are, in the order that they pitched:

Pip Learning Technologies: Pip has created a platform that allows school administrators to have a higher amount of control over sensitive student data, reducing complexity while protecting privacy.

Knowledge to PracticeKnowledge to Practice created a system to improve patient care by providing personalized post-graduate education for doctors.

QuillQuill is an educational games platform that helps improve student literacy and writing through various types of hands-on tools.

NI-O ToysNI-O Toys creates 3-D printed toys, designed by kids on the NI-O Toys app, which are equipped with sensors in order to further interact with games and apps.

Education ModifiedEducation Modified has created a platform to help teachers serving students with special needs by aggregating all necessary information into a streamlined service, including personalized teaching plans.

AuthessAuthess created a system to assess how much a student is able to apply their knowledge, through hands-on, problem-based activities.

Christopher Mirabile, managing director of LaunchPad Venture Group, spoke at length about how excited he was to see these companies grow in the future. “The real star of the show are the six companies here today,” he said. “This third cohort is way special.”