Dailybreak acquired by Connelly Partners? Not quite

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There have been rumors flying around Boston recently that gamified advertising startup Dailybreak has been acquired by Boston-based marketing agency Connelly Partners. The only problem is that both say there was no acquisition.

Instead, the companies have formed a “strategic partnership” with an undisclosed “strategic investment,” according to sources from both organizations. Connelly Partners is becoming the majority investor in Dailybreak, which is essentially an acquisition.

With the deal, Dailybreak, which operates online advertising campaigns for brands, is going to run as an independent company and will have “pretty much business as usual,” according to the company’s chief executive, John Federman.

“We’ve got a position within in their company, but we are not a Connelly Partners company,” he said.

So what attraction does Dailybreak, a startup that began as a deals-through-online-games site CampusLive, have for marketing and advertising agency Connelly?

As Christian Megliola, director of PR and content strategy for Connelly Partners said, “For us, we get more depth in our gamification and content expertise.”

“Dailybreak is obviously a very exciting company that have done great things in a very short period,” Megliola added.

“We have things, in terms of gamification, that we can help each other on,” said Dailybreak’s Federman.

“What we love about the guys at Connelly is their reputation for what they are doing with digital and gamificaton,” he added. “We can offer a one-two punch that will be a value add for a brand.”

Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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