Aereo shutting down its services before noon today


In a blog post, Aereo chief executive Chet Kanojia said the company will cease its streaming video services at 11:30 a.m. today, refunding paid users for their last month of service.

The shutdown comes after a Supreme Court decision effectively ruled Aereo a massive, serial copyright violator for offering its DVR-in-the-cloud service for broadcast television.

Kanojia wrote:

As a result of that decision, our case has been returned to the lower Court. We have decided to pause our operations temporarily as we consult with the court and map out our next steps. You will be able to access your cloud-based antenna and DVR only until 11:30 a.m. ET today. All of our users will be refunded their last paid month.

Kyle Alspach had previously reported that, with appeals and procedural moves taken into account, the company would likely only have been able to continue broadcasting for about five months, but the shutdown is not a surprise.

What remains to be seen, however, is whether the company, which raised almost $100 million in venture funding and has a large Boston office, will find a new pivot or simply seek to return what’s left of the investment to the company’s backers.

In today’s post, Kanojia vowed “our journey is far from done.”

Update: Aereo is now shut down. The site now consists of Kanojia’s letter to its users:


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