Drync raises $2.1M, adds Brian Carr as COO

(Photo courtesy of Drync)
(Photo courtesy of Drync)

Boston-based wine app Drync has raised $2.1 million in new funding.

The funding comes from a group of investors that includes Cross Link Ventures, Great Oaks Venture Capital, KEC Ventures, and Foundry Group. as well as individual investments from Hubspot’s Darmesh Shah and ScanScout founder, Wakit Lau.

The new seed round of funding adds to the $900,000 that Drync raised last summer.

The app allows users to scan and buy wine from any mobile device (including an iPad app that the company also announced today). Founder Brad Rosen said that Drync has the largest database of wine in the world.

Rosen said that the company did almost $500 thousand in sales in the last quarter of 2013, and that Drync has been increasing its revenue by 60 percent each month.

In addition to the funding, Drync announced that it has added former Springpad vice president of marketing Brian Carr as its new chief operating officer.

Carr said that he was attracted to Drync because of the foundation that the company has created in the market, as a consumer play in Boston that just raised $2.1 million, as well as the team that Rosen has put together, and the “simplicity and focus of the app.”

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