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You learn something new every day...
America's next big media star is...a 15-year-old YouTuber from Melrose, Mass.?
At last night's Re/code media event, Code/Media Series:New York, one of the featured speakers was Meridith Valiando Rojas of DigiTour. Valiando Rojas introduced me, and many in the room, to the the new world of Internet stardom. One of the computer-age celebrities that the DigiTour founder discussed during her talk with Re/code's Peter Kafka was someone named Lohanthony. Read More
Bitcoin Kings
You learn something new every day: MIT's best Bitcoin innovators crowned
(Jim Urquhart/Reuters)
The official start of the MIT Bitcoin Project, where each student will receive $100 in the crypto-currency, is fast approaching. The school's freshman have arrived in Cambridge, classes begin tomorrow, and the various "rush" events at the school are set to take place. As soon as the busy start to year concludes, the project is scheduled to begin. As part of the Bitcoin Project, the organizers of the initiative held a startup competition called BitComp this summer to promote innovative ways to leverage Bitcoin, on campus and beyond. Read More