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This handbag built for power lunchers can also charge a phone
The 314 handbag promises to charge your phone or other devices. (Photo via Jon Lou)
A smart-looking handbag can make you look good, but a smart handbag can do much more for you. The 314, a luxury handbag made in Italy with technology designed at MIT, is both good-looking and smart – and is poised to hit the market soon. The bag can charge your cellphone or any other USB-enabled device, and light up when you are rummaging through its insides. Plus, it can order a power pack refill before the system runs out of juice. And no, you don’t have to plug in your handbag every night. Read More
Reality TV
Brianna Wu dissects 'Law and Order SVU's' #GamerGate episode
Brianna Wu (Joann Rathe/Globe Staff)
In this week's episode of NBC's crime show "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit," a female game designer appeals for police help after she gets death threats in advance of her high-profile game launch. For the prominent targets of the real-life drama we now know as GamerGate, including Arlington resident Brianna Wu, the story strikes dangerously close to home. Read More
For women from women
All-star MIT women entrepreneurs pave the way for gender balance in tech
The evening's speakers, from left to right, Marina Hatsopoulos, Anantha Chandrakasan, Erika Ebbel Angle, and Cynthia Breazeal. Photo: John Gillooly, Professional Event Images, Inc.
On Thursday night MIT held its first Women in Innovation and Entrepreneurship networking reception in the sparse and modern Gagosian-like gallery space of the MIT Media Lab. The event was organized and hosted by two of MIT’s most prominent women in tech, Erika Ebbel Angle, founder and chairman of Science for Scientists, and Marina Hatsopoulos, founder and former chief executive of Z Corporation. These leading women entrepreneurs, along with keynote speaker Cynthia Breazeal, did not mince words as they took the podium. They were direct about their intention to improve the opportunities for women in tech. And they provided perspectives on running the million dollar companies they founded at MIT over the past few years. Read More
Are you blond, female, and feeling like you don't fit in at MIT? You're not alone.
Anna Loparev, of Wellesley College, at the GAMBIT lab at MIT. (John Tlumacki/Globe Staff/File photo)
What’s it like being a conventionally attractive woman at one of the world’s most competitive tech schools? “Sometimes I feel as if in saying that I attend MIT, I’m telling a blonde joke,” reports Alice Zielinski, an aeronautics and astronautics major at the institute, in a blog post published on Medium last week.  Read More
To post or not to post
After #GamerGate, Supreme Court hears case concerning threats online
In October, game developer Brianna Wu was forced out of her house in Arlington and went into hiding after strangers from the GamerGate online mob posted personal threats at Wu and her family on Twitter. Wu and the scores of other women who face personal hateful speech on the Internet may one day have more options to deter their attackers. Today the justices of the Supreme Court heard arguments about online abuse perpetrated on sites like Twitter and Facebook, the first case of its kind to reach the nation's highest court.  Read More