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Welcome to PAX East: 'This is like a nerd vacation.'
Huge crowds gathered this morning as the convention opened. John Tlumacki/Globe Staff
  It’s PAX East weekend again, and so the corridors of the Boston Convention and Exposition Center are thronged with men and women dressed up like cartoon characters and video game heroes. Never mind the face paint and papier-mache body armor. Over the course of the weekend, thousands of ordinary folk will reveling in the shared delight of a once-eccentric hobby that has gone decisively mainstream. Read More
What's hot in gaming? Notes from the Game Developers Conference
Elliott Mitchell, Walter Somol, and Henrik Strandberg at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week.
For all intents and purposes, video games as we know them today were born in Cambridge at MIT over 50 years ago with Spacewar! In keeping with that tradition, the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI, which I oversee) throws an annual Made in MA Party at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, which brings together people with ties to Boston, the Bay State or New England. This year BetaBoston asked the guests what they thought was hot at GDC this year. And, here's what we heard. Read More
Game Quest
UPDATE: Sega buys local game maker Demiurge Studios, but doesn't get rights to popular 'Marvel Puzzle Quest'
An image from “Shoot Many Robots” by Demiurge.
Video game company Sega has bought a Cambridge-based mobile game developer, marking the Japanese company’s first foray into the Boston video game scene. Tokyo-based Sega Networks Co. said this morning that it had bought three companies, including Demiurge Studios, a developer with 35 employees. Terms of the deals weren’t disclosed. Read More
Speak Easy
Quest game 'Subverses' lets you learn a language while playing a spy
Subverses, a spy quest that you can play on your iPhone, forces you to pick up new language skills as you navigate the levels of the game. (Screenshot: Subverses)
Blaine Stillerman tried to hack Spanish the usual way — with book exercises and college classes through his sophomore year. But it wasn't until he landed an internship with a shipping company in Buenos Aires, working with colleagues who spoke only a few words of English, that he saw his sputtering Spanish skills finally kick into high gear. Read More
The New Normal?
Threatened by GamerGate, Brianna Wu says she fears for her life but won't back down
Brianna Wu is a developer at Giant Spacekat. (Image via Giant Spacekat)
Brianna Wu, head of development at gaming company Giant Spacekat, became ensnared in the evolving drama that is GamerGate. This month, Wu and her family received death threats on Twitter and were forced to flee her house in Arlington. Wu spoke with BetaBoston about the issue, and said she still fears for her life, but she refuses to back down. Read More
All the right notes
How to build real video games (and real-world skills) as a student intern
Renzo G. Heredia (courtesy photo)
Internships are a key piece of the college experience. Practice makes perfect, right? The challenge for me was finding one that delivered practical lessons in a field like game development. So, this past spring I landed at MassDiGI’s Summer Innovation Program, which was created to give student developers the skills needed in the real world. Read More
Super Smash Bro
Local eSports star selected for Nintendo invitational tournament in LA
Dan Jung - "Korean DJ"
Newton resident Dan Jung, or Korean DJ as he is internationally known, has officially returned to the competitive eSports fighting game community (or FGC) after his 2009 retirement. The Bostonian was renown in the FGC as one of the top players of the Nintendo franchise Super Smash Bros Brawl and Super Smash Bros Melee, winning Nintendo’s only officially sanctioned tournament in 2008 as well as taking top honors at the prestigious Major League Gaming tournaments in ’06 and ’07.  Read More