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Robots in (Organic) Spaces
New MIT algorithm to help robots navigate complex environments and landscapes
Stata Center at MIT
Navigating a city like Manhattan is relatively straightforward, given that all the streets run parallel or at right angles, but all bets are off when it comes to more organic cities like Cambridge, which tend to have more curves and constraints. MIT’s maze-like Stata Center is a prime example of where the “Manhattan Assumption,” which assumes all planes are parallel or oriented in the same direction, can’t be applied, says Julian Straub, a second-year MIT graduate student. So to make it easier for robots navigate non-standard landscapes, Straub developed an algorithm to identify the major orientations in 3D scenes. Read More
Big Win in Austin
Sensible Baby wins at SXSW Accelerator Awards
Co-founder Jeffrey Tagen
The annual South By Southwest Interactive awards/festival took place over the weekend, and Boston was well represented at the SXSW Accelerator Awards. Sensible Baby, a Somerville-based startup that uses sensors to monitor sleeping babies, won the competition’s “Best Bootstrapped Company” award — given to the company that has “done the most with the least.” Read More