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Just wingin' it
Soaring investment and lagging legislation — it's a Wild West for drones
The PARC drone from CyPhy Works is tethered to a controller by a microfilament cable that sends power up to the drone and downloads high-definition video. (Photo: Cyphy Works)
Andrew Kehlenbeck pulls up a shirtsleeve and exposes a few linear scars on his forearm. They’re slashes from the plastic propeller of a small drone — a very modern sort of workplace injury. Kehlenbeck is co-founder and lead engineer at Panoptes Systems in Cambridge, and he is designing a safety system to keep unmanned aircraft from hitting walls, ceilings, trees, and people. Panoptes is just one of the local companies hoping to benefit from a soaring hobbyist drone market and an expected surge in sales to businesses. Read More
More Leaving Inbound Company
HubSpot departures a blip or sign of trouble for the IPO candidate?
HubSpot chief product officer David Cancel, in one of the Cambridge company's conference rooms. Photo by Scott Kirsner / BetaBoston.
Last week, two key members of HubSpot's engineering team, chief product officer David Cancel and engineering vice president Elias Torres announced that they were going to be leaving the company in the fall to work on a new startup. A couple of other employees will be departing for new projects as well, including Joshua Porter, HubSpot's director of UX. Read More
Walk the walk
kendall square tour A while back, Scott Kirsner proposed an Innovation Trail to highlight the region's impact not just on American history, but on scientific progress. Given Kendall Square's entrepreneurial spirit, perhaps it was inevitable that someone took the idea and ran with it:
The “amazing things” idea applied to most of the stops on the new Innovations of Cambridge tour in Kendall Square and on the MIT campus. As an actor, Berger-Jones has performed with the Huntington Theatre Company, the American Repertory Theater and the Actors’ Shakespeare Project, among many others. But on this day his role was highlighting past, present and future achievements in science and technology in the neighborhood. Over the hour-plus tour, he pointed out landmarks like the place where the rubber fire hose was invented. He pointed out the dome where MIT students have pulled legendary pranks and named the geniuses underfoot on the Entrepreneur Walk of Fame.
All in favor...
Emerging trend: Mass. debating tech community swells with events
Massachusetts has long been a home for avid debaters. Look no further than Faneuil Hall in Boston for the famous painting of orator Daniel Webster as proof of how strongly rooted that heritage is. Look presently to our public schools and the great work being done by the Boston Debate League to give our youth a valuable skill set. But perhaps most interesting and relevant to regular readers here is what may be the start of the debate event trend in the tech community. Read More