noncompete agreements

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Good argument
From Metro's Michael Naughton:
“Our trade secret laws provide Massachusetts a competitive advantage over other states. It serves as an encouragement for companies to locate in Massachusetts,” said Richard Baker, president of New England Intellectual Property. The bill “will support the dishonest and wealthy competitors at the expense of smaller Massachusetts companies.”
It really is terrible when dishonest, wealthy competitors sneakily pay employees (including, we'll remind you, camp counselors) a competitive rate for their work. Why not just have a free market if you're going to go down that route? We definitely don't want that to happen in Massachusetts. Discuss
Executive action
Are noncompete agreements (finally) on the way out in Massachusetts?
Governor Deval Patrick will unveil new legislation this morning that addresses two issues with big potential to shape the future of the state's innovation economy: employee noncompete agreements, which limit worker mobility and the pace of company creation here, and visas for foreign-born entrepreneurs and the key early employees who can help grow startups into industry heavyweights. The Globe has a front page story this morning on the proposals. Read More