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Once-a-year opportunity
Unpitch now taking applications for this year's event connecting startups with investors
Last year, the Boston tech community and a large number of local venture capitalists created a unique event as a reaction to a growing number of groups coming to Boston and New England and charging startups to pitch their companies. The result was Unpitch, which is being held again this year on June 24 at Communispace. Read More
Ireland to Boston
IDA Ireland ups Boston presence with NEVY Awards and more
I was fortunate to meet some of the good people from IDA Ireland last year during my summer travels through Europe (thanks again in no small part to my friend David Gallant, who met them during his HubSpot Ireland excursion and graciously introduced me before I visited). Over the course of the last year the IDA crew has made its presence much better known here in Greater Boston, so I checked in with SVP of the Emerging Business Division Barry O'Dowd to find out more about IDA Ireland's involvement with the New England Venture Capital Association's NEVY Awards (to which we here at BetaBoston are the exclusive media partner) and more. Read More
All in favor...
Emerging trend: Mass. debating tech community swells with events
Massachusetts has long been a home for avid debaters. Look no further than Faneuil Hall in Boston for the famous painting of orator Daniel Webster as proof of how strongly rooted that heritage is. Look presently to our public schools and the great work being done by the Boston Debate League to give our youth a valuable skill set. But perhaps most interesting and relevant to regular readers here is what may be the start of the debate event trend in the tech community. Read More
All About Actifio
Mike Troiano on his journey to Actifio
Actifio chief marketing officer Mike Troiano (courtesy of the New England Venture Capital Association)
There is a ton of buzz surrounding Actifio today, and for good reason: the company just raised a $100 million round of funding and has been valued at $1 billion. That sets the stage for an IPO likely planned for next year. So what exactly does Actifio do? This is how the company was recently described on Twitter by chief marketing officer Mike Troiano: Read More