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Baker proposes law to regulate Uber, Lyft
Photo: AP

Governor Charlie Baker’s administration is proposing new legislation to regulate Uber, Lyft, and other ride-hailing companies. The law, unveiled Friday, was drafted in collaboration with the companies and would largely preserve the status quo for riders and drivers. It is similar to regulations suggested by former Governor Deval Patrick in December, which provoked intense backlash from cab drivers and taxi companies. Lyft and Uber, the two most prominent ride-hailing companies, released statements in support of the bill.

Governor Charlie Baker's administration is proposing new legislation to regulate Uber, Lyft, and other ride-sharing companies.

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May it Please the Court
Court win for taxi companies probably won't help Uber, Lyft
Image: Reuters
Massachusetts’ top court says it’s fine to treat taxi drivers as independent contractors, rather than actual employees of the cab companies. But the ruling probably won’t help the taxi industry’s nemesis, Uber, because the heavily regulated cab business is so complex. Read More
Riding out the storm
Uber, Lyft prices could triple during snowstorm, but travel ban will keep them off the road
Image: Reuters
Ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft said their prices could triple during the snowstorm that has begun on the East Coast -- that is, if they're even on the road. Uber said its service would be unavailable starting at midnight Tuesday until the Massachusetts travel ban is  lifted. After that, it said it would cap its surge pricing at 2.9 times the base fare for as long as the state of emergency was in effect. Read More
An Uber Opportunity?
The answer to Uber's recent PR nightmares may be sitting in its Boston office
Image: Reuters
Dan Primack reported in Fortune yesterday that Uber was raising a $1.8 billion round of funding (confirmed by Re/Code as $1.2 billion), and it seems like the innovative transportation company has been in the news almost every day for the past month, though mostly for the antics of what is being portrayed in the press as a highly dysfunctional leadership team. Read More
Travis Kalanick says Uber will spell the end of Boston traffic
Travis Kalanick at the MassChallenge Awards. Photo by Barry Chin/Boston Globe
It’s official: Uber’s presence in Boston is booming. Travis Kalanick, the co-founder and CEO of Uber, was in town on Wednesday to keynote the fifth annual MassChallenge awards, where he told the room of burgeoning entrepreneurs that the ridesharing service is growing faster here than in Paris, San Francisco, Seattle, or Toronto. Read More