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Zoom Zoom Zoom
Zoombinis’ relaunch will target the iOS and Android markets
Image via Zoombinis
About 20 years ago, an educational video game called “Zoombinis” was launched to help children improve problem-solving skills. The game, from Broderbund Software, which was later acquired by a Houghton Mifflin Harcourt subsidiary, The Learning Co., ended up selling more than 1 million copies. Now the original creator, Cambridge-based TERC (for Technical Education Resource Centers) has teamed up with a Boston children’s media company, FableVision, and the Learning Games Network to launch an updated version of the game for Android, iOS and, eventually, a wide array of other devices. Read More
More Despicable Behavior towards women in gaming industry
Boston-based video game company founder forced to flee home due to threats
Giant Spacekat
Brianna Wu has become the third woman advocating for changes in how women in the gaming industry are treated who is being forced to leave her home due to threats on her life. Like Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian before her, Wu is being targeted for her candid criticisms of misogyny in the gaming community. Read More
Super Smash Bro
Local eSports star selected for Nintendo invitational tournament in LA
Dan Jung - "Korean DJ"
Newton resident Dan Jung, or Korean DJ as he is internationally known, has officially returned to the competitive eSports fighting game community (or FGC) after his 2009 retirement. The Bostonian was renown in the FGC as one of the top players of the Nintendo franchise Super Smash Bros Brawl and Super Smash Bros Melee, winning Nintendo’s only officially sanctioned tournament in 2008 as well as taking top honors at the prestigious Major League Gaming tournaments in ’06 and ’07.  Read More
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Duck Hunt Redux: Video game nostalgia becoming big business
Vintage Games
Gaming industry publishers such as Electronic Arts and Activision-Blizzard have both reported recent increases in digital sales. By contrast, the share value of brick and mortar retailer Gamespot has slipped in the most recent quarter. Last year alone, Gamestop closed 250 stores. Needless to say, the future for major video game retailers is unclear. Read More
A New Peace at PAX?
Positive trends in the gaming industry emerge from PAX East despite controversy
The Expo Hall at PAX East in Boston last year.

The recent PAX East video game convention that took place from April 11-13 at the Boston Convention Center was meant to be a moment of re-invention for the PAX brand, however, some of the controversial issues that dogged the event and its founders in the past seem to keep re-emerging. That didn't stop some attendees from making headway on some of the gaming industries most pressing social issues. Read More