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Music to your tongue
In a bid for more emotional snacking, Frito-Lay patents culinary theme songs
Innovation can be a matter of joining together things that the patent office — and maybe customers — will approve of. Corn chips, song, and the Internet are obvious influences on US patent 7942311, "Method for sequencing flavors with an auditory phrase," granted May 17, 2011 to George Eapen of Frisco, Texas. Eapen assigned rights to Frito-Lay, the corn chip behemoth. Read More
Goodbye grocery run
Russo’s and Whole Foods delivery debuts in Metrowest, via Instacart
As of today, residents of four Metrowest communities can get groceries delivered within an hour or two, through a service offered by the startup Instacart, which has been making deliveries so far in Boston and a few surrounding cities. Instacart is also debuting a new partner that will only be available for its Metrowest customers: popular Watertown market Russo’s. Read More
Bacon wakin'
This gadget is a bacon-scented alarm clock for your iPhone
If you've given up bacon for Lent, stop reading now. The same goes for people who don't own a smartphone made by Apple Inc. But if you've got an iPhone and a love for "the candy of meat," you might want to check out a new high-tech promotional gimmick from  old-school meatpacker Oscar Meyer. The company, which is owned by Kraft Foods Group Inc., is giving away 4,700 gadgets that convert an iPhone into a bacon-scented alarm clock. For a chance to win one, just click here. Read More