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Farewell for highly regarded animation firm
Boston-based animation studio Soup2Nuts is shutting down
WordGirl is a an original animated series created by SouptoNuts in and effort to reach a new audience. Image via Scholastic.
A local animation studio known as an innovator in the industry announced on Wednesday that it is shutting down after more than 20 years in operation. Soup2Nuts Animation Studio, which will officially shut down at the end of the month, is best known for its pioneering work on "Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist" and the use of its patented "Squigglevision" computer animation process. Although the company was relatively small, Soup2Nuts had a large impact on many individuals and companies that make up the Boston creative community. Read More
Toon tool
Animatron wants to make animation so simple, even Homer can do it
A still frame from a short video created using Animatron.
Is there a Walt Disney, Matt Groening, or Hayao Miyazaki trapped inside you, just waiting to get out? A Cambridge startup called Animatron recently released a free, web-based tool that aims to unlock your inner animator, and it has been generating some positive buzz on sites like Hacker News and Reddit. Read More