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Rooms on demand
Got a gap in your day? Take a Breather
The room at 715 Boylston St. is blissfully quiet. The tastefully appointed 650-square-foot space has huge glass windows. The caramel-colored leather couch and rough-hewn table are seemingly plucked from an Anthropologie catalog. Yoga mats are stacked in the corner, a few charging stations line the sill. And it’s all mine for an hour for a mere $25 through Breather, a two-year-old startup that provides short-term access to private spaces in Boston and Cambridge starting Wednesday. Read More
the perfect space
SpaceFinder launches in Massachusetts to help artists find unconventional venues
Gregorian Oriental Rugs on a regular work day. (Photo: Jessica Renaldi/Globe staff)
Gregorian Oriental Rugs opens at 10 a.m. every weekday, and with wood floors and high ceilings, this converted paper mill in Newton is an airy showroom for antique Turkish flat-weaves, Ikats from India, and countless other intricate, handmade imports from the Far East and Middle East. Some evenings, however, the expensive carpets and rugs are folded, stacked, and put aside, and the store is transformed into an intimate performance venue for local artists. Read More
one man's house is another man's ... pineapple?
Airbnb is launching a new magazine. It's called Pineapple.
Image via <a href="">Flickr user CIAT</a>.
Airbnb has announced that it's getting into the magazine business. Their new quarterly print publication, dubbed Pineapple, is "named after the fruit that was a symbol of hospitality in colonial New England," according to The New York Times. The first issue is 128 pages, contains no advertising, and will be available for purchase for $12. Read More
Market forces
Beyond Pricing will help Boston Airbnb hosts adjust rates based on demand
Airbnb host Jen Lawrence rents a pull-out couch in the living room of her Somerville home. (Photo by Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff)
If you've ever tried to book a flight during February's school vacation weeks, or a hotel in Arizona in August, you've seen demand-based pricing in action. In some cities, even parking meters adjust their prices based on how many spots are left on a block. Now a San Francisco startup, Beyond Pricing, is bringing demand-based pricing to people who rent out their homes — or just spare rooms — through Airbnb. The free service adjusts the price of a condo in the North End or a spare bedroom in Back Bay up or down, based on how much demand exists on each specific night of the year. Read More
Sharing economy debate
Airbnb to get a closer look from the Boston City Council
After settling its dispute with parking app Haystack, the Boston City Council will now start to look into "for-profit lodging in personal residences." In particular, the council will hold a hearing to decide if more regulation needs to be put into place for companies like Airbnb, Boston-based FlipKey, HomeAway, and others. Read More