Startups by the sea
Drydock is rocking... But here's what else it needs
An aerial view of Drydock Center, a/k/a the Bronstein Center, a/k/a the Innovation and Design Building (to the left of the gray ship), by David L. Ryan of the Boston Globe.
Drydock is rocking. Period. This summer, I think the massive complex on Boston Harbor has finally transitioned from being a destination of last resort for frugal startups who didn't want to pay the rents of Kendall Square or Fort Point to being a place companies actively choose. Read More
Make a difference
5 ways to make an impact on Boston’s youth through the tech and arts communities
<a href="">'Technology helps' via Shutterstock</a>
This is a contributed post from ONEin3 Council member Lee Glandorf. Onein3 was launched by the City of Boston in 2004 to connect Boston’s young adult population with resources related to: housing, professional development, financial health, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement. Read More
Servers Logged
NSA's Xkeyscore program targeted visitors to MIT server, Tor Project for enhanced scrutiny
A new report from noted security researchers — first published in conjunction with German news program Tagesschau — states that the NSA's Xkeyscore program, which determines who is flagged for enhanced tracking and monitoring, targeted every visitor to a particular MIT server, visitors seeking information on the privacy-focused Tor Project, which is based in Cambridge, and those who simply searched for information on the privacy-enhanced TAILS operating system. Read More