Betaspring seeks backers
Providence accelerator Betaspring takes a break, focuses on raising new fund
Betaspring co-founder and managing partner Allan Tear. (Photo by Scott Kirsner / BetaBoston)
Betaspring is taking a breather. The Providence-based accelerator graduated its most recent class of seven startups in June, but doesn't plan to start a new cycle until next spring. Between now and then, they'll need to raise a new pool of capital, and Betaspring managing partner Allan Tear tells me that he's not expecting to get any support from public sources, which have provided substantial backing for Betaspring in the past. Read More
Bridj to somewhere
More routes are coming for pop-up bus service Bridj: Taryn Luna reports that the Cambridge startup plans to launch a "full-blown transit service" in the area on Oct. 1. The service aims to use data to adjust to individuals’ commuting needs, and has been testing routes covering neighborhoods including Boston's Financial District, Cambridge's Kendall Square, and Brookline's Coolidge Corner. The company intends to serve as a sort of middle ground between MBTA service and Uber. Discuss
The Amazon of EdTech?
Boundless launches new academic publishing software
With rumors that the company is possibly going to be acquired by one of the bigger educational publishing firms constantly swirling around Boundless (and a new school year approaching), one might think the company would keep a low profile or stay focused on its academic textbook products and educator engagement platform.  Read More