Breakfast with some of Boston's most active venture capitalists
Photo via <a href="">The Boston Globe</a>
In mid-April, TechBreakfast — a monthly opportunity for entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors to gather in an informal environment — is hosting its largest Boston-area event with its first local Ask a VC breakfast at Microsoft NERD in Cambridge. Read More
Facebook's (Boston) Timeline
Checking in: Facebook has been (back) in Boston for four years
Facebook Boston lead Ryan Mack works alongside one of the office's art installations in the fall of 2014. Photo by Patrick Rogers Photography
It's been four years this month since Facebook made its way back to Boston, a move which started in part when Ryan Mack, the current site lead here in the city, left the comforts of Menlo Park to set up shop on the East Coast. Mack, who is known for this work on the Facebook Timeline, soon identified a small outcrop of Facebook expats who were all working for the company remotely, and they eventually clustered together in the Workbar location in downtown Boston. Critical mass began to take hold, and Facebook opened an official office here in Cambridge in 2013, and recently expanded that space this past fall. Read More
doc on demand
With an app for texts and video chats, FirstLine offers doctors' advice on demand
A new service launching in the United States this week wants to be the Uber for doctors, making medical practitioners available for consultation by text message, video chat, or even a house visit — for a fee, of course. The company, FirstLine, which has offices in Boston and San Francisco, launched its app nationally this week. Two dozen California-based doctors have been contracted to be on-call and the team is already hiring and training local medics with a goal of launching in Boston this summer. Read More
With 'Infinite Crisis' and two mobile titles in the works, Turbine is gearing up
Infinite Crisis
In its 20th year making games, Needham-based Turbine Inc. has a lot to celebrate. The Warner Bros.-owned studio has entertained millions of massively multiplayer online game-players through "Asheron's Call," "Dungeons & Dragons Online," and "Lord of the Rings Online." And, with "Infinite Crisis" launching tomorrow on Steam, the studio is poised to puts smiles on many more faces. Read More
Intelligent Parking
Boston to install "smart" parking meters across city, spreading pay-by-phone options
Boston’s parking meters are going to get a lot smarter over the next few years, eventually letting drivers find open spots and feed the meter with their smartphones. The citywide upgrade could also let the city get a better handle on how much street parking it actually controls, and even raise more money for the government by charging higher prices at times of extreme demand. Read More
Bouncing ideas
IdeaPaint’s new app, Bounce, takes brainstorming off the wall
Bounce, a new app from the makers of IdeaPaint, allows users to save and annotate images from their brainstorming sessions. (Image via IdeaPaint)
It's little surprise that the idea for Bounce, the new app from IdeaPaint, the Boston-based maker of dry erase paint, came out of a brainstorming session. The company, which has been shellacking walls with their product since launching in 2008, had been getting requests from its users to add more capabilities to its product than a simple coat of wall covering could provide. Read More
Building Buzz
Nanigans gets $24M for social media ad-tech expansion
Social media is big business — and it should get even bigger as traditional ad spending continues moving to digital channels. One of the beneficiaries of that shift is Nanigans. The five-year-old company, based in Boston, helps advertisers get the most out of their marketing budget by allowing them to target their digital ads and see how well they perform across hundreds of millions of social-media users. Read More
Citizen science
Open Humans project allows healthy adults to open-source medical data
Medical researchers typically don’t share the results of their studies with the hundreds of subjects who participated. But Jason Bobe, one of the co-founders of the Open Humans project, wants to reverse that trend. The latest in a series of programs that let you to share or “open source” your genetic and health data, Open Humans, which launched Tuesday, is striving to broaden the reach and eventual impact of medical research by making it easy to participate. Read More
Geek out
A blend of geek culture and sound, Nerd Rock shows find a home in Boston
Nerd-rapper MC Frontalot performs at the Middle East for a nerd-themed afterparty to the PAX-East gaming convention. (Dominick Reuter for The Boston Globe)
The guy at the bar in a Darth Vader helmet was a giveaway that this was no ordinary club show. At the Middle East earlier this month, the first act, Professor Shyguy — he calls himself “The Poor Nerd’s Justin Timberlake” — sang rhythm and blues over musical loops from the video game Super Mario Bros. 3, while playing a hacked-up guitar made of an old Nintendo game console. Read More
The Download
The Download: In 140 characters, state senator takes on the Twitter trolls
Massachusetts State Senator Jamie Eldridge tweets while attending the "Building Healthy and Sustainable Communities" social issue talk, hosted by Root Cause at DLA Piper law firm (Photo: Kayana Szymczak for the Boston Globe)
To most politicians, Twitter looks more like a minefield than a social media platform. Yes, it can be used to engage constituents, but the risks of giving the public an unfiltered peek inside a pol’s mind seem too great. Just ask Anthony Weiner or Scott Brown, he of the infamous “Bqhatevwr.” Jamie Eldridge, however, is not afraid. Read More