A former Uber driver who was arrested this past winter after allegedly assaulting a passenger has been linked to a series of sexual assaults in South Boston and the Esplanade along the Charles River dating back nearly a decade, officials said Tuesday. GPS data that was pulled from the Uber attack helped law enforcement connect him to the earlier crimes.More →

The ultimate cure for procrastination--Pavlok's wearable device that zaps you with an electric shock to keep you focused on your work.

PAVLOK, a company which creates wearable devices that aim to break bad habits in their wearers through the use of minute electric shocks, is one of the six winners of the Build a Business Competition, hosted by Shopify, an online retail platform for upstart companies. The winners of the competition will be shuttled by private jet to Necker Island and spend five days being mentored by some big business names, such as Sir Richard Branson, Daymond John from the ABC show Shark Tank, and entrepreneur/angel investor Tim Ferriss.More →