Imagine you’re walking down Newbury Street. You see a pair of shoes in the window of your favorite store, you walk in, and your phone vibrates with a notification that you can buy that pair for 10 percent off. Meanwhile, a store employee gets a notification that a loyal customer has walked in – she wears a size six shoe, and based on her purchase history, red seems to be her color.More →


Harmonix Music Systems Inc’s bid to resurrect its classic music game “Rock Band” is getting a major boost from legendary band U2. Boston-based Harmonix said that two U2 songs, “Cedarwood Road” and “I Will Follow,” will be included in the upcoming game “Rock Band 4,” which will be released on Oct. 6. U2 will join a roster of major stars, including Elvis Presley, Aerosmith and Bruno Mars, whose songs will be included in the game.More →