Adam Soroca, chief executive of nToggle (photo via nToggle)

Sometimes, the interest that investors have in a new company or product comes down to the people involved in the project. This was true for the yet-to-launch startup Driftt, a company founded by former HubSpotters David Cancel and Elias Torres as well as a couple of Twitter Boston engineers. Driftt is still in stealth mode (meaning very little has been divulged publicly about its product), but managed to raise $15 million in funding in January.

Boston-based nToggle, an advertising tech company which has also not fully disclosed what it is working on, announced today that it has raised $5.6 million.More →

The Waterfly drones represent a future where swarms of robots can fly together, land in water, sample it to detect algae or contaminants, and take off once again. (Image: Senseable City Labs)

When a team from MIT’s Senseable City Lab flew to Dubai this weekend to participate in Drones for Good, a contest hosted by the UAE government, they brought a swarm of five amphibious drones in tow.

Their project, dubbed “Waterfly,” mimics a swarm of dragonflies. Each Frisbee-like device is just over four pounds, and together, they can communicate with each other, fly collaboratively, and land on bodies of water to collect samples for environmental testing. The team will have them on display at the contest semifinals this week at Dubai’s Internet City.More →

From left: MobileSuites
CEO Dennis Meng, COO
Basel Fakhoury, and CTO
Bob Saris.

One of the more old-fashioned aspects of staying in a hotel is having to pull a leather binder out of a drawer and then pick up a 1980s-era phone to order room service, arrange a wake-up call, or set up a spa appointment. A Cambridge start-up, MobileSuites, wants to upgrade that part of the guest experience, letting you use your smartphone to explore the amenities and interact with the staff. After piloting the app with three hotels last year, MobileSuites says the iPhone app can now be used at about 700 hotels around the United States, including chains like Hilton, Westin, and Marriott.More →