Science in the East Room
NuVu students to showcase urban wheelchair at White House Science Fair
Mohammad Sayed, a current student at NuVu, has always wanted a tray for his wheelchair. He worked with Pablo Yanes, Nuradin Bhatti, and Carlos Alvarenga to design one that suited his needs. (Photo: NuVu)
Two students enrolled at the NuVu innovation center in Central Square are among the intrepid middle- and high-schoolers who will present projects at White House Science Fair on Monday, March 23. Kate Reed, a 17-year-old from Cambridge, and Mohammad Sayed, an 18-year-old who goes to Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, were part of the team that used a 3-D printer to build parts to enhance Sayed's wheelchair during NuVu’s fall session last year. Read More
New urbanism
Travel site Kayak quietly moved most of its local employees to Cambridge
Kayak CTO Giorgos Zacharia, in the atrium of the travel site's new East Cambridge office. (Photos at top and bottom by Kaijian Gao. All other photos by Scott Kirsner / BetaBoston.)
Like an empty-nester who can't quite give up the house in the 'burbs but wants a condo in the city, the travel booking site Kayak now has two local offices. Kayak has long had a tech team based in Concord, but starting in January it began moving about 90 employees into an East Cambridge office with views of the Zakim Bridge and the Charles River. Why? Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. Read More
The Robots are Breeding!
Rethink Robotics unveils Sawyer, a little brother for its Baxter robot
Photo via Rethink Robotics - Credit: Cassandra Zampini,
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Boston-based Rethink Robotics unveiled Baxter, its industrial learning robot in 2012. Since its launch, Baxter has been updated several times, mostly to improve the speed and accuracy of the robot's ability to do automated manufacturing tasks. But today, Rethink has reimagined its Baxter concept in its newest robot, called Sawyer. Read More
the new village square
Civic apps connect neighborhoods, city governments
Shoulder surgery had left Marilyn Bravo, a 65-year-old Jamaica Plain resident, unable to lift more than a gallon of milk this winter. So when the record-breaking snowstorms hit, she planned to look for help shoveling out her car. Bravo posted a request for help on a website called “SnowCrew,” which connects people who need shoveling help with able-bodied volunteers called “Yetis.” About an hour later, a strapping stranger named James was at her door, shovel in hand. “I was never so happy to see anyone in my life,” Bravo remembers. “And later I said to him, ‘You just have no idea what this means to me, you know. This is my freedom. I can get out of the house.’” James returned to help Bravo with two bouts of shoveling this season. Read More
Fantasy for All
Draft, a fantasy sports app from former StarStreet founders, raises $3.5 million
Image via Draft
It has been quite a busy week for fantasy sports startups with local connections. First, Fortune reported that Draft Kings is in early talks with Disney about raising money that could value the Boston-based company at more than $1 billion. And today, former StarStreet founders, Jeremy Levine and Nicolo Giorgi announced that their new company has raised $3.5 million in Series A funding. Read More