Fareed Mosavat, Chas Wagner, and Jason Jacobs looked at support tickets at Runkeeper.

The maker of one of the earliest fitness-tracking apps for smartphones, Boston-based Runkeeper, cut almost 30 percent of its staff last week. Founder and CEO Jason Jacobs says via e-mail that the layoffs were not “in response to market conditions,” but rather part of a shift in focus from purely attracting lots of users to wringing more revenue from those users.More →

Leggy kinetic sculptures made of PVC piping, zip ties, and duct tape took a walk along Crane Beach Saturday. Hundreds of visitors gathered to watch the “Strandbeests” as they are known take their first steps, pushed along by wind catching their sails or pulled along by volunteers.

These eerily life-like creations are the product of Dutch artist Theo Jensen, and will be displayed as part of an exhibition of his work opening September 19 at the Peabody Essex Museum.More →