A two-tower grove with founders Gabe Blanchet (left) and Jamie Byron. (Photo: Aram Boghosian)

Tomatoes year round, fresh-picked fish-fed kale: These are dreams that Grove Labs claims to make real. An idea for an in-home garden nourished by detritus from a fish tank germinated in the MIT dorm room of Gabe Blanchet and Jamie Byron when they were freshmen. Five years later, after launching a company and picking up $2 million in seed funding, the duo are shipping the first of their “indoor ecosystems” to early adopters in the Boston area.More →

Boston’s new “startup czar,’’ Rory Cuddyer. Photo: JIM DAVIS/GLOBE STAFF

Most of his colleagues at Boston City Hall have probably packed up and gone home by the time Rory Cuddyer strolls in front of two dozen techies munching pizza and swigging free happy-hour beers at a Back Bay co-working office.

As the city’s new “startup czar,” Cuddyer has a job title that sounds a little grandiose. But it frequently means he is doing something pretty humble: taking his spiel to new audiences and asking for their help. It’s the sort of hat-in-hand marketing a lot of entrepreneurs would recognize.More →

(Photo: Aram Boghosian/Boston Globe)

MIT graduate student Maia Majumder applies mathematics to infectious disease data. In the past year, she has tracked the spread of Ebola and Middle East respiratory syndrome. Majumder, 25, uses Twitter as a professional tool to discuss her research and to interact with colleagues around the world. That has gotten her noticed, leading to a fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital and a contract for an academic book she will co-edit. Majumder shared her digital habits with The Download.More →