Blade co-founders Paul Schwenk, Bill O'Donnell, and Paul English, all of whom previously worked together at Kayak, Intuit, and Interleaf.

In a blog post Monday, Blade co-founder Bill O’Donnell said the company now has about 25 people in its Fort Point office and has been “hiring, designing and coding for a few months now.” He added that, despite seeing huge changes in consumer computing devices and Internet connection quality since the dawn of the Internet, “travel web sites today aren’t that different than Travelocity or Expedia from 1997.”More →

New York Times food writer Mark Bittman penned his last regular column in September this year, explaining that he intended to join the world he covered — this time as a participant as part of a year-old startup, rather than an observer. On Monday Needham startup Purple Carrot announced that Bittman would join their team. The company designs vegan meals and ships the ingredients and recipes weekly to subscribers. The New York Times notes that neither founder Andrew Levitt nor Bittman is a vegan or vegetarian: “Rather, they are what Mr. Bittman has termed ‘flexitarians,’ meaning they eat mostly plant-based diets with occasional meals with meat.”More →