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In the landscape of online media consumption, mobile is king, and Facebook stories or 140 character Twitter blasts seem to be eclipsing more traditional forms of publishing.

The Pew Research Center released these and other findings in its 2015 State of the News Media report on Wednesday, a document which cobbles together disparate data in order to sketch a larger picture of how the landscape of media has been changing over the last year.More →

Photo: Douglas Sonders

We have liftoff: Dava Newman, an aeronautics and astronautics professor at MIT and the developer of the streamlined BioSuit, has been confirmed by the US Senate for the number two spot at NASA. Newman is the third woman to hold the title of deputy administrator, and she replaces Lori Garver, who left the post in September 2013. President Obama needs to simply sign off on the appointment to make it official.More →