A US Air Force "Reaper" drone takes off at Creech Air Force base in June 2014.


Boston Engineering gets SBIR grant from US Air Force to build drone propulsion systems

By Nidhi Subbaraman

This is the first grant for the 20-year-old Waltham technology company from the USAF’s Small Business Innovation and Research/Small Business Technology Transfer program.

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Jenn Leibig of Boston (left) tests software at the Wistia booth as product designer Maddie Simens (center) and director of product Management Jebb Vincent look on.

User Experience

User testing that mixes cocktails and coding

By Jon Christian

Amos Berger, drink in hand and shouting to be heard over the thumping sound system, is gesturing at the screen as he offers an impromptu design critique. He’s just discovered that he can scroll down further on the website of Help Scout, a Boston-based help desk system, than he had previously believed.

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Boston programmer crowdsources bitcoin ‘mining’ for charity

By Nidhi Subbaraman

A Boston developer has launched an online project called Compute for Humanity with the goal of enabling people to give to charity by offering up processor power on their home computers instead of cash.

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Innovation Economy

How will the party in the tech and biotech sectors end?

By Scott Kirsner

Investors have had a rollicking time putting money into tech and biotech startups. Are they getting ready to split?

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Finally Light Bulb Co. founder John Goscha.

Beta Testing

Finally light bulbs cost a pretty penny, but cast a nice glow

By Curt Woodward

In an early road test, Finally Light Bulb Co. bulbs deliver on their promise of a noticeably different kind of light. But they’re not cheap, so I’m not planning to replace all of my bulbs just yet.

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