An artist's rendering of a proposed self-parking garage.


This car will park itself: Somerville, Audi prepare to test self-driving tech

By Nidhi Subbaraman

The City of Somerville took a step towards a driverless future recently, partnering with Audi to test a variety of self-driving car technologies in city over the next few years.

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Kambiz Mousave (left), Frank Kwame Manu, and Judy Cheng worked on messenger RNA at Moderna Therapeutics in Cambridge.

Innovation Economy

Boston’s brand is the future

By Scott Kirsner

Boston is something special, but we do a terrible job communicating it. Much of what makes our world modern can be traced back to Boston.

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Comcast's Stream TV

Beta Testing

Stream TV: Comcast’s cable guys have ‘cracked the code’ for cord-cutters

By Bennie DiNardo

Aereo tried it, and ended up being shut down by the justices of the US Supreme Court. Apple's Tim Cook keeps threatening to try it, saying it's a "terrible, broken" process to watch TV.

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A group in Sweden navigates "Superbanan," which translates from Swedish to English as "SuperQuest."


Behind the curtain at Boda Borg, it’s all wires, boxes, and ‘parts from Home Depot’

By Elizabeth Preston

At Boda Borg Boston, every solved puzzle unlocks a door. Visitors who can figure out the clues advance through the maze-like rooms as if by magic. Yet behind the mysterious effects are simple technologies, monitored from very unmagical control rooms packed with wires.

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Placester helps real estate agents build an online presence.

Real estate

Placester closes another round of funding

By Jessica Geller

Boston-based Placester, a marketing platform for real estate agents, said Tuesday it has raised $27 million in Series C funding, just seven months after the Series B round of $15 million.

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