Workers resurfaced a residential driveway. A Wilmington firm has created a plant-based compound that could replace traditional asphalt.


Green asphalt? A plant-based compound may undo aging, boost recycling

By Hiawatha Bray

The maker of a new plant-based compound says it can rejuvenate worn-out asphalt, allowing it to mix better with new paving material — perhaps doubling the recycled amount from one-fourth to half of the final mix.

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Fireworks over the Charles River and Esplanade, seen from the roof of Boston University.


A drone’s-eye-view of fireworks shows from Boston and beyond

By Curt Woodward

What’s better than fireworks? Fireworks plus drones, of course. Four hobbyists offer up drone-recorded videos of local fireworks displays, from Boston, Gloucester, Taunton, and Somerville, MA. One common thread: They all used quadcopters from manufacturer DJI.

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First Facebook, now SpaceX. Fidelity has recently funded Elon Musk's space travel endeavor.

Innovation Economy

Is Fidelity finding the next Facebook or inflating the bubble?

By Scott Kirsner

Fidelity is either helping its shareholders get in on the next Facebook — whose stock Fidelity bought before the social network landed on the Nasdaq exchange — or helping pump up a new bubble in the tech industry. Or a bit of both.

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"Amy" is a digital assistant that uses artificial intelligence to schedule meetings.

Beta Testing

Can’t hire an assistant to do your scheduling? Perhaps you need a robot.

By Janelle Nanos

Everyone hates scheduling meetings over emails. So the company is developing a solution: a personal assistant, Amy, who uses artificial intelligence to manage your calendars.

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