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If your weekends typically involve a round of binge-watching HGTV, a bit of pinning on Pinterest, or a few good few hours parsing through home design magazines, then you’re probably already familiar with Wayfair, the Boston-based home design website that went public in 2014. This weekend, Wayfair is making a big push into the online video space with the launch of “Overhaul,” a YouTube series that will be produced by Kin Community, one of the largest women’s lifestyle channels on the Web.More →

Dan Slagen has quite the track record as a member of the Boston tech community. Starting out as a product management and search engine optimization expert for Wayfair, he eventually ended up at HubSpot, serving as the inbound marketing company’s head of advertising and then head of global marketing relations. After stints at Facebook advertising company Nanigans and Harvard-founded startup Hourly Nerd, Slagen thought it was about time to do his own thing.

Today, he is launching SpeechBooth, a standalone app-based wedding video system.More →

This is a guest post from Rick Burnes, the new vice president of content products at BookBub.

When the history ebooks are written, this month could go down as a turning point for the Boston tech community. Two Boston IPOs this month — Wayfair’s on Oct 2 and HubSpot’s on Oct 8 — were major milestones for companies that could become new anchors for the local startup ecosystem. More →