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Though not designed specifically for sports, the apps Meerkat and Periscope have professional sports leagues nervous, as every touchdown, buzzer beater, or other action that television networks pay huge sums to broadcast, and which cable and satellite subscribers write fat monthly checks to watch, could be shown for free by the guy with an iPhone in Section 12.More →

New England Patriots locker-room employees Jim McNally and John Jastrzemski engaged in a series of sometimes vulgar, always entertaining series of text messages that, according to the National Football League, implicated star quarterback Tom Brady in the teams efforts to use underinflated footballs in the AFC championship game against the Baltimore Ravens.More →

On Wednesday afternoon, the Harvard Innovation Lab — usually home to talks by movers and shakers in the business and entrepreneurship worlds — hosted four world-class athletes for a discussion about the business of sports and how athletes navigate the worlds of social media.

The panel, “Social Capital of the Savvy Athlete,” featured Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks firebrand Richard Sherman, Arizona Cardinal All-Pro Larry Fitzgerald, Houston Texans star Arian Foster, and former Denver Bronco and current HBS student Domonique Foxworth. It was moderated by Anita Elberse, professor of business administration at Harvard Business School.More →