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This week the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency picked the first seven groups that will be funded as part of its $80 million Electric Prescriptions or “ElectRx” program. Among them is Polina Anikeeva, a professor a MIT who has been working on ways to stimulate specific neurons in the body using wires or nanoparticles.More →

For nearly a decade, the Boston-based telehealth service American Well has been trying to reshape the way we think about the phrase: “The doctor will see you now.” Some of the nation’s largest health care providers now use its AmWell video conferencing app to let patients with urgent, yet ailments that are not life-threatening tap into a network of doctors and get on-demand care. In December, the company announced it had raised $80 million in new funding, and just last week, UnitedHealthcare announced it would cover such online visits as part their network.More →