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A new startup hopes to follow in the footsteps of Ministry of Supply, the men’s clothing company that Kickstarted its way into closets in 2012. Brunswick Park is prepping to launch a crowdfunding campaign later this month that will offer “performance apparel” for men and women. The company will start with four Merino wool jackets designed for the office and for workouts, made in Hong Kong.More →

A company pitching disruptive toothpaste might seem like another April Fool’s Day prank, but Harvard Business School students Rachel Peterson and Calley Means say they are serious when it comes to rethinking the way we brush our teeth. The duo have launched a Kickstarter campaign for Matter, a paste which they claim is free from the dyes and petrochemicals found in other mainstream toothpastes. They’re hoping to raise $275,000 to launch their product commercially in the next year. More →