Internet of Things

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Michael Simon’s eyes lit up when I made a crack about how long it has been that appliance-makers have been touting the Internet-connected refrigerator. The chief executive of LogMeIn stood up, told me to follow him down the hall and into the elevator, and led me straight to an Internet-linked prototype freezer. But it wasn’t one designed to sit in your kitchen and re-order Ben & Jerry’s when it senses a dangerously low supply.More →

In the early stages of writing a piece about whether 2015 will be the year that the Internet of Things finally goes mainstream, I sat down with PTC chief executive Jim Heppelmann. PTC is the Needham-based company that sells software related to designing products and then servicing them once they’ve been sold. An increasing number of those products, Heppelmann says, will connect to the Internet for monitoring and upgrades, and creating new offerings for those connected devices has been a big focus for PTC of late. The company recently said that it expects to see double-digit growth of its IoT revenues over the next four years, and several of PTC’s latest acquisitions have been IoT-related.More →