Governor Deval Patrick

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In a series of partnerships that echoes the days when the Siemens brothers helped stretch transatlantic cables from Cape Cod to the French coast, organizations from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are connecting with counterparts in the French Republic to push technology and innovation forward in both Boston and Paris.

Last week ended with a flurry of announcements and news involving the strategic tech partnerships being formed between the Boston tech community and the burgeoning Paris innovation ecosystem.More →

Within  developer management circles, mention of the “Mythical Man-Month” draws knowing nods from anyone who has ever tackled even a moderate-sized project that ran late: It’s the concept that throwing more money and people at a project generally just makes it later. But throwing more — more people, more money, more time — at projects seems to be the marching orders when it comes to the state’s moderately ambitious technical projects.More →

Governor Deval Patrick will unveil new legislation this morning that addresses two issues with big potential to shape the future of the state’s innovation economy: employee noncompete agreements, which limit worker mobility and the pace of company creation here, and visas for foreign-born entrepreneurs and the key early employees who can help grow startups into industry heavyweights. The Globe has a front page story this morning on the proposals.More →