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Mayor Martin Walsh made yet another move that shows just how far the city of Boston is willing to go in its quest to improve its citizens’ lives by using new technologies and data collected by Internet companies, mobile application makers, and others.

As traffic becomes a hot-button issue — the other major transportation problem besides the MBTA to arise as Boston has been buried by snow — the city said today that it has formed a new data-sharing partnership with real-time traffic application Waze.More →

In success or scandal, Uber’s drivers play a central role in defining the company’s identity. On Wednesday, Governor Charlie Baker announced an intention to develop clearer licensing rules for such services to operate within Massachusetts. But one day, Uber may be able to skirt these altogether by removing the driver from the equation. This week the company announced a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, a pioneering center for autonomous vehicles research. Word is, Google is planning a competing service of its own.More →