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Harvard University professor David Edwards offers a simple solution to the problem of waste from food packaging: Just eat the wrapping. Edwards is behind a company called WikiFoods, whose “pearls” filled with Stonyfield frozen yogurt reached the shelves of select Whole Foods supermarkets last year.More →

IBM’s Watson has a voracious appetite for knowledge. In the past five years, this cloud-based cognitive system has played trivia champ, legal aide, and cancer researcher. For the last three years, IBM has turned its smarts on food.

“Chef” Watson has a brand new cookbook out this month. “Cognitive Cooking” is a collaboration between the team at IBM and human chefs at the Institute of Culinary Education and Bon Appétit.More →

“Hal, order sushi for two tonight.”

A Westford startup called Every Labs is working on the artificially intelligent food-ordering app of the future. While the company’s Chef Nightly app isn’t yet publicly available, a handful of Bostonians have been testing it in recent weeks. And the company has already raised early funding from the startup incubator Blade and Boston Syndicates, a group that includes individual investors and the Cambridge venture capital firm Atlas Venture.More →