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The WeWork offices at 51 Melcher St. in Fort Point have gone to the dogs. The building is home to 900 people who work on five floors for 250 companies, and it’s also host to some 30 canines who join their owners at work each day. Each owner must register the dog with WeWork and agree in writing that the canines are up to date on vaccinations and will be good office mates. It’s one of a growing number of offices across the country that are allowing pets to accompany workers during their daily routines. More →

Cats and dogs are among the many objects people are pretty good at recognizing, but computers are not. “Look, this is a cat!” and “Look, that’s a dog!” are cries you are more likely to hear from a person than from a silicon-based computer. (In truth, you are not all that likely to hear people shout those exact statements — but you are very unlikely to hear computers spontaneously ejaculate them.)More →