Defense Technology

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Veritas Scientific Corporation is — well, it must be — the rare company with technology that surpasses the limitations of what scientists understand.

Veritas is all about deception. In the promotional video here, Veritas Scientific’s founder and CEO Eric Fenn Elbot says that he “started reading incredible research about how to detect brain waves to detect deception, and how to use brain waves to go beyond that, to even, perhaps, be able to identify friend from foe.” Therefore, he went into business.More →

It’s well known that Massachusetts is ground zero for the very best of the best of the best. In addition to the finest men’s neckties and leather goods, firearms, and bleeding edge scientific advances, it is also home for America’s finest technologists. Recently, when the outgoing director of the Defense Intelligence Agency wanted to highlight the importance of cybersecurity, he came to Cambridge. More →