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Need a desk in Bangalore one week and Davis Square the next?

TechHub, which operates a network of co-working spaces in India, Romania, Latvia, and the United Kingdom, plans to open in Somerville this month. And much like a card that will give you access to frequent flier lounges, a TechHub membership will let you work in any of the locations as you jet around the globe. TechHub was founded in London in 2010.More →

By Emily Klein

Flexible workspaces, hydration stations, destination lounges – sounds like the typical environment of a startup or one of the fantastic coworking and business incubators that have been seeded across Cambridge or Boston. But surprisingly in this instance, it’s not. It’s the mobile office future of one of The Boston Globe’s Top Places To Work, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. Blue Cross is embracing mobile office concepts as it plans to move its Boston offices from the historic Landmark Center building to 101 Huntington Avenue in 2015. Many are looking forward to what that future holds.More →