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As a staffer at architecture studios, Qi Su observed one thing: everyone looking at a digital 3-D model of a project had comments about what should be changed and improved. “A lot of the back-and-forth is done with e-mails and screen captures of the model,” he says. “Architects would print out images and comment and send them back to the person who made the model — which was me.”

His Cambridge startup, Modelo, seeks to pull that process of comments and suggestions into the digital realm. “We’re about letting people make social comments on 3-D models in real-time,” Su says.More →

Betaspring is taking a breather.

The Providence-based accelerator graduated its most recent class of seven startups in June, but doesn’t plan to start a new cycle until next spring. Between now and then, they’ll need to raise a new pool of capital, and Betaspring managing partner Allan Tear tells me that he’s not expecting to get any support from public sources, which have provided substantial backing for Betaspring in the past.More →

A startup called Quitbit is launching a crowdfunding campaign today for a $150 cigarette lighter — early purchasers can get one for $70 — that can count how many times you’ve used it today, and relay the data to your smartphone. Quitbit’s app lets you set goals for how many cigarettes you’d like to allow yourself, and share how you’re doing with a group of friends on Facebook or Twitter. Quitbit hopes to start shipping its product by the end of this year.More →