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A new wave of entrepreneurs are trying to solve an ancient problem: ever since we began to write on papyrus (3000 BC) and whiteboards (mid-1900s), we’ve encountered the problem of lost ideas. Scraps of paper go astray, brilliant diagrams get erased. If only there were way to capture ideas in digital form before they were lost — perhaps using that powerful computing device we hold in our hands for most of our waking hours. More →

IBM’s Watson has a voracious appetite for knowledge. In the past five years, this cloud-based cognitive system has played trivia champ, legal aide, and cancer researcher. For the last three years, IBM has turned its smarts on food.

“Chef” Watson has a brand new cookbook out this month. “Cognitive Cooking” is a collaboration between the team at IBM and human chefs at the Institute of Culinary Education and Bon Appétit.More →

Jason Heard got to Fenway Park at noon for Monday’s Red Sox home opener, but he wasn’t there to watch the game. Instead, Heard was working for a parking lot tucked behind the ballpark, waving cars into an alley with a bright orange flag.

Fifty dollars per carload for the prime spots. If that seems steep, the market didn’t think so — an hour and a half before the first pitch, Heard was using his flag to tell people there were no more spots to be had.More →