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Judging by Wednesday’s live rollout from San Francisco, the company’s elite-level iPad Pro will bring in enough bucks to compensate for fading sales at the lower end of the tablet computer market. As for the new iPhone 6s, I’d say it’s as big a step forward as last year’s iPhone 6 – perhaps bigger.More →

Well, that was both less than advertised, and much, much more. Apple dropped its longstanding objections to the stylus, introducing the new “Apple Pencil” in conjunction with its iPad-on-steroids (otherwise known as iPad Pro). The TV developments were somewhat underwhelming — certainly no major reinvention of the way we experience TV, movies, and video — but the improvements to the iPhone and the services around the phone were stunning.More →

Apple Music, the electronics company’s new music streaming service, is off to a pretty sweet start. With a deep library, a zesty online radio channel featuring live DJs, and a new community feature that puts listeners in touch with their favorite artists, Apple Music has what it’ll take to challenge dominant streaming services like Pandora and Spotify.

Yes, Apple’s come late to streaming, goaded into action by fading sales of digital music at its iTunes store. Consumers worldwide are finally figuring it out – why pay $10 for an album, when they can pay $10 a month for every album?More →