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Passion projects, side gigs, moonlighting. and freelancing–they are all just another way to say ‘side hustle.’

Right here in Boston, side hustles are booming among savvy young women. I’m lucky to be at the center of this with my very own side hustle, Young Women in Digital (YWD). Since launching YWD, a networking group for young female marketers, I’ve hosted nearly ten creative events in the past year, supporting a growing community of 400 passionate members.More →

Contributed article by Maia Heymann, is the senior managing director at CommonAngels Ventures. Heymann was featured in our first installment of our “Beers with…” series.

It happens often. I’m left wanting more.

Many times while listening to entrepreneurs pitch their ideas, I want to interrupt and say, “Stop, please go back.”

Technically, there might not be anything wrong with the pitch. The idea might be compelling, the team passionate, the market opportunity big. So, what’s the problem?More →

By Christina Luconi

Being in my field, I get to be part of celebrating the very best of people in the workplace… excitement about new jobs, promotions, raises, new leadership opportunities. I also get to witness some of the poorest judgment in decision making I’ve ever seen made by adults. Below are some of the ones I’ve seen multiple times in multiple companies – and my thoughts about how to avoid making similar mistakes yourself.More →

By Rita B. Allen

We all know change is the only constant in today’s market and economy. Everyone is doing more with less and under tremendous pressure with competing demands and priorities. It is basic knowledge that effective time management is critical for success in work and life yet we do not always take the time (pun intended) or make the commitment to devote our attention to this necessity.More →