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It’s late afternoon, and several Hill Holliday staffers are sitting on a couch, sipping Pabst Blue Ribbons and staring at a large television screen covered in tiny dashboard gauges. Dials wave back and forth and the team — a mix of Web designers, app developers, and the ad agency’s other creatives — looks on, mesmerized.

The dashboard, known as BrandFeed, allows companies to track their social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter in real time, helping them to determine how they can best allocate their advertising dollars, based on how well they’re being received online.More →

Sometimes, the interest that investors have in a new company or product comes down to the people involved in the project. This was true for the yet-to-launch startup Driftt, a company founded by former HubSpotters David Cancel and Elias Torres as well as a couple of Twitter Boston engineers. Driftt is still in stealth mode (meaning very little has been divulged publicly about its product), but managed to raise $15 million in funding in January.

Boston-based nToggle, an advertising tech company which has also not fully disclosed what it is working on, announced today that it has raised $5.6 million.More →

Promoboxx is quite unlike many of the other startups who took part in the Techstars Boston 2011 class in that it hasn’t received a large Series A or Series B round of investment funding. The great thing for Promoboxx is that it hasn’t had to raise money since its initial early stage funding.

So you may not have heard much about the company founded and led by chief executive Ben Carcio, since journalists like myself are only interested in sexy news like a new financing round or the sudden departure of a key employee. More →