Listen up–Tom DeVesto is back


Audio industry veteran Tom DeVesto, the former chief executive of Cambridge SoundWorks and Tivoli Audio, is about to launch yet another consumer electronics company. DeVesto’s keeping mum on exactly what kind of products we can expect from the new company, to be named Como Audio and based in Boston. But he noted, “it will help people navigate through this new world of streaming music.”

DeVesto left Boston-based Tivoli Audio in early 2015, a few months before the company was acquired by Serruya Private Equity, a Canadian investment firm.

“I didn’t want to live through some management I didn’t even know,” DeVesto said.   “All I’ve done is make stuff for 40 years and try and sell it to people…it’s kind of nice to start with a fresh sheet of paper.”

DeVesto hinted that Como Audio’s products will simplify the process of listening to music through a digital network.  He criticized products from Sonos Inc., a leading maker of networked audio gear, for being difficult to use.  “I dare you to put one of their products in a guest room and have anybody use it,” said DeVesto.  “I don’t know about your guests, but mine don’t want to download an app to turn on the radio.”  

DeVesto offered no further details about Como Audio’s products.  But he added, “I’m going to do something that’s very different from Sonos…no one will ever confuse the two.”

DeVesto said that Como Audio will unveil its new line later this spring and hopes to begin selling products in the fall.



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