Disruptor Beam fires up new Star Trek game

In the new game "Star Trek Timelines," gamers can assemble crews from all their favorite Star Trek shows.
In the new game "Star Trek Timelines," gamers can assemble crews from all their favorite Star Trek shows.

Since the first “Star Trek” television series took flight half a century ago, the science-fiction show and its many spin-offs have featured hundreds of characters–heroes, villains, comic relief, and even red-shirted extras who get killed in the first 15 minutes.

Now comes a new videogame from Framingham’s Disruptor Beam Inc. that will let you play as any of them.

In “Star Trek Timelines,” a player can go on adventures with a crew made up of characters from all the various “Star Trek” TV series and movies.

“The game is really about putting your dream team crew together from all the different eras of Star Trek,” said Jon Radoff, Disruptor Beam’s chief executive.  

For instance, a player might want his crew to include Captain Benjamin Sisko from the “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” TV show, Wesley Crusher from “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” and archvillain Khan Noonien Singh from the original TV series.

Think of it as fantasy football, with ray guns.

Players can even choose different versions of the same character. For instance, you can pull characters from the famous episode “Mirror, Mirror,” in which heroes like Mr. Spock are transformed into murderous villains.

The new game will be released at first for devices running Apple Inc.’s iOS and Alphabet Inc.’s Android software. Versions are also planned for Facebook and personal computer browsers.

Like many other games, “Star Trek Timelines” costs nothing to play, but gamers can pay extra to quickly get access to additional characters.

“Star Trek Timelines” is the second game to be released by Disruptor Beam. Its previous title, “Game of Thrones Ascent,” based on the popular HBO TV series, has been installed 10 million times and has half a million active players. About 40 percent of the game’s players live outside the US, though it’s available only in an English-language version.

“Star Trek Timelines,” is being offered in English and four other languages.  The game’s release coincides with the 50th anniversary of the original TV series, and a new “Star Trek” movie will be released in July.

“This is kind of the year of Star Trek,” said Radoff.

Hiawatha Bray is a technology reporter for the Boston Globe. E-mail him at [email protected].
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