Lowell semiconductor company acquires two firms


MA/COM Technology Solutions Holdings Inc. is building up its toolbox of semiconductor products through two acquisitions this month.

The Lowell company, also known simply as Macom, said on Monday that it has acquired a diode business from British manufacturer Cobham’s Aeroflex division for $38 million. The business acquired by Macom makes a kind of component used in semiconductors and reported about $37 million in revenue last year.

The deal with Cobham comes just days after Macom completed its $60 million purchase of FiBest Ltd., a Japanese supplier of networking components. Both deals are being funded with cash.

Macom stock was up 47 cents, or 1.3 percent, to $37.61 at midday Tuesday on the Nasdaq Stock Market. For the year, the stock is up $6.33, or 20 percent.

In the fiscal year that ended on Oct. 2, Macom reported $421 million in revenue, compared to $339 million in the previous year.