Twine Health raises $6.75 million for health app

Twine Health co-founders, John Moore (right) and Frank Moss, at the MIT Media Lab.
Twine Health co-founders, John Moore (right) and Frank Moss, at the MIT Media Lab.

Cambridge-based Twine Health Inc. says it has raised $6.75 million in venture funding for its app-based health coaching system, to help doctors provide continuous care for patients with chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Participants in the investment round include Khosla Ventures, Provenance Venture Forum, and Tower Capital Partners.

Founded by John Moore and Frank Moss of the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Twine Health makes an app that can collect data received from a patient’s smart health monitoring devices, such as network-connected scales, glucose meters and blood pressure cuffs.

“Twine is your hub for other apps and other devices,” said Moore, the company’s chief executive.

Twine also delivers a customized treatment plan that helps patients remember to perform important treatment tasks, like taking drugs, exercising, checking their glucose levels or taking blood pressure readings.    Data from the app is relayed to caregivers, giving them a comprehensive view of each patient’s progress.

For example, “you have a really concrete plan that reminds you when you’re due to take your medication, or when you’re supposed to take your blood pressure,” said Moore.  “You would see graphs of your blood pressure over time, visuallized and synced with when you took your medication.”

Funded up to now by angel investors, Twine’s service has been purchased by 18 health care organizations in the US, Moore said.



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