Localytics to triple office space in early 2016 headquarters move

Localytics Screen

A growing Boston tech company is making its second big headquarters move in two years.

Localytics, which sells marketing and analytics software for app publishers, is leasing a new 55,000-square-foot office space at One Center Plaza, across from City Hall.

That’s more than enough room to hold the roughly 180 employees at Localytics headquarters, who are currently in 18,000 square feet of space in the Financial District.

In a press release, chief executive Raj Aggarwal said the expanded offices will give Localytics “a space that we can call home for many years to come,” along with more room to host gatherings for the local tech sector.

“Our vision is also to open our new office up to the Boston startup community and give these companies an opportunity to host events and meetings, making the office a center for innovation,” he said.

That would fit well with Localytics’ current practice of opening up its office for “Free Beer Fridays,” a series of networking events that earlier this year featured Boston street-music legend Keytar Bear.

Localytics plans to move into its new office early next year. The company had about 80 employees when it moved to its present headquarters at 101 Arch St. in mid-2014. Today, Localytics has a total of about 250 workers spread among Boston, San Francisco, and London.

The company, founded in 2008, has raised about $60 million in venture investment, including a $35 million round of investment earlier this year. Localytics recently reported $9.2 million in revenue for 2014. It recently introduced a new “remarketing” product, which lets app publishers target users with online ads.