Cambridge’s Radiotopia podcast network hires executive producer


After raising $620,000 from eager crowdfunders and grantees, the podcast network Radiotopia has hired Julie Shapiro to be its executive producer.

Julie Shapiro - color 2

Julie Shapiro

Radiotopia, which is run out of the Cambridge-based public radio clearinghouse PRX, was the third-most successful Boston Kickstarter campaign last year, raising the money to pay for, produce, and distribute the works of more than a dozen podcasters. Shapiro, who formerly worked at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and ran the Third Coast International Audio Festival in Chicago for 13 years, coined the term “radiotopia.”

Shapiro’s job will be to set the network’s strategy, oversee production standards, and meet audience and revenue targets, according to a post on PRX’s website. Radiotopia’s podcasts are downloaded about 8.5 million times per month.

Julie Shapiro isn’t related to Jake Shapiro, the executive director of PRX.